Living Rooms

by Bugs in the Corner

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released December 15, 2017

Bugs in the Corner is Ted Smith and Casey Dawson
Produced by Bugs in the Corner, Mixed by Casey Dawson, Mastered by Mike Harmon
Special thanks to additional musicians Will Berg, Paul DiDonato, Mike Harmon


all rights reserved



Bugs in the Corner Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Lost Another One
Could you sleep when I am gone?
Could you wait until I have won?
Could you tell me when you've gone to sleep?

If there were words and pages to read,
Could you feel what the mind sees?

If all you want is missing, are you empty?
Could you find it all along across the sea?
Stop hiding in familiar masks of numbness,
Cause you won't feel how love can make you weep,

The way I wept on you.
I've lost another one I thought I knew.
But maybe I won't.
Cause it hasn't shown yet to.
Track Name: American Roots
American roots, that natural sound,
but it's never quite right when I've jotted it down
and later I'll find that I've changed my mind
about you and everyone else.

When I try to write it always comes out wrong,
when I wind up in a fight it isn't cause I feel strong,
You know, I'd like to be right,
But I'm usually wrong about half the time with a little hindsight.

Oh, how the time just slips away
Did we waste another year on these games?
I guess some things must never change a bit.

American roots and a natural-born king,
but he'd fallen out of touch and he wouldn't sing
for dry spells and dry humor,
the sorcerer or the mute.

Oh, how the time just slips away
Did we waste another year on these games?
I guess some things must never change a bit.

And I'm guessing we're the ones who like to walk away
from the day-to-day-in-day-out in a dream soundscape.
My dreams were meant to change.
Do they?
Track Name: The Gold
Clouds of dreams when I'm not asleep though I try,
Lovely green I might never see in my time.
I'm still gonna go looking for the gold.
And maybe I'll die along the way.

Don't let it change your reasonable mind.
Please don't let it change the way flick your eyes.

Cause I'm not worth the trouble.
It's not trouble you've seen.
So let me crawl and struggle.
I'm not just happy to be.

It's all empty, I'll decide.
I'll be forgiven by the time I own those apple trees
and living in reality, oh, it's fine.

The line is long in front of me.
I'm sure it's not just fantasy, oh, it's fine.
I'm sure it's fine.
Track Name: Bother
Can you tell me that the money's gone?
You think I bring you down,
You think it's gone too long.
But can you tell me to go?
It's not like I don't know.

Call me a devil and put me out on the street.
Instead you bring me in and show me where to sleep.
I think you're telling me to grow.
There's a ways to go.

But I think the heretic's right about you,
But he's trying not to offend.
If the Devil's inside, not out,
In that light,
It's not proper for to pretend
We're alright. No, no.

I wanted you to blame when all was said and done.
But still you push me down,
You never let me run out.
So I'll resurface in your violent mind when you've come undone,
And you'll dip your toe in the dark.

Cause I think the heretic's right about you,
But he's trying not to offend.
If the Devil's inside, not out,
In that light,
It's not proper for to pretend
We're alright. No, no.
Track Name: Only When I Think of You
Torn we end up poured out,
I'm coming around.
Terrible, I must admit I see it
downstairs inside me.

Knowing you're what I love,
tossed to be covered in dust.

Lost in the eyes,
I'm underneath.
Heard her screaming
in a soundless sleep.

It's only when I think of you.
That's the only time a cry.
It isn't just your memory.
It's even though I try.
Track Name: I'm Alone
Patterns that fade to noise
Carve out a little voice.
And I'll be the hand that guides you.
To solemnly say, goodbye.

So don't let him steal your shine now,
and don't let him stay away.
I've seen how he shifts beside you
in living rooms.

Don't think twice,
You've got a lot of guts
in spite of what your father says (is right in line)
Come to me, (I'm alone.)
You've got a lot of nerve.

Clouds of envy,
Lack of empathy,
Closed mind.

I'm stuck inside
the image you have placed on mine
to spite me in the dead of (night I'd lost)
I had lost before the gun. (You've got a lot of nerve.)

Feed those lies,
Mock it all.
Ghosts, so they're called.

Don't think twice,
You've got a lot of nerve.
Track Name: Hummingbird
It starts where, hopeful as I am,
With stake held in another land.
But the polls are not yet closed in California,
still aglow, the slide projector showing, Dangolla.

I'm wide awake and you're, soundly,
Still mystified.
And then you'll leave your body,
So terrified to meet them in the afterlife, so condescending.

Reflections down linoleum halls and laughter feigned confounding,
every certain fact with every sound.
And disappointed people'd frown
And some'd look bored and some look down.

The decimating wonder of it all compounding
every certain fact that's spoke aloud.
And all I'll ever offer you is a peaceful silence,
I've heard its sound.
Track Name: Wasteland
This love is not a wasteland,
it's comprised of oases
and the bends.
What these wandering
hearts lack in destination,
They replicate and find
In this musical world.

And it's just how I pictured you,
In some kind of cloudless blue.
So I’ll muse. No harm.

This love in desolation
and the sacred in the long haul.
And my smile is desecration,
our desperate times,
our dire needs: invention.

Wait for me, darling.
Float down deep with me, darling.
Wait for the turn.

But it's not how I pictured you
In some kind of cloudless blue.

And it startles when it ends.
Get up, get off and then,
These siren calls we’ll meet again
But you've known that.
Track Name: Lights No Sea
Salty rivers where the lives are made of gold,
Simple reasons why we soon may never know.
If I had a world to turn to, I'd be waiting,
Waiting for the dawn that lights no sea.

We find laughter sitting silent in the sand.
A flower girl who talks without a crutch in hand.
Could we find the love that we want,
Sitting standby, waiting for the door,
We've dreamed still waits?

Yes I'll hold you in my heart.
I wanted it too late.
Still staring down the wall.

If you've seen the latest news,
The world is only half as blue.
We are anchored on a wire.
It's fraying slowly in the fire.
Track Name: Little Sunshine
I might be mad, you might be angry.
Tears that might stream, surprised that we're broken.
Not a fix to be seen, years unawoken, all these terrible dreams.

Horizons are long, seems like you'll never
Reach the perfect you want.
But honey, you're perfect to me.

We might be crazy, but I think we're not.
Let's hold this hand and tear down these walls that we've got.
Choose to believe in the love we've got.
God at the middle of a thousand rocks that won't move.

Sleep my little sunshine, you're alright.
Rid yourself of dreams, those dreams of fright.
Sleep my little sunshine and I'm right here
To rub your arm and run my fingers through your hair.

Close your eyes, its been a long long day.
But I'm here right now and I'm here to stay.
I'm here to stay.

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